On the first day of Chanukah, women from all over Jerusalem gathered to honor the shloshim of the Har Nof tragedy. Yearning to take a real step to bring the geula, these women attended the Women to Women: Uniting to Change the World Kenes in the Jerusalem Great Synagogue.

In the days that followed, similar events were held around the world where women could watch the video of Mrs. Chaya Levine (wife of R’ Kalman Levine הי’ד), Mrs. Racheli Frankel (mother of Naftali Frankel הי’ד) and others as they inspired women to make concrete changes in their lives, and illuminated ways to make those changes possible.

Even if your community is not hosting an event, you can be part of the experience! Listen to the audio recording of the kennes below and join The Actions Project, where Small Actions make Big Changes.

Together, iy”H, we will see an end to the terror and pain of golus very soon. Amen.

Please visit www.theactionsproject.com and join the movement!



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