We are told that today’s students are addicted to their screens. It is true that it is hard for them to sit still for a traditional lecture, but switching to video doesn’t guarantee success. In fact, the majority of videos will not keep the attention of today’s students. It may come as no surprise, but the shorter your video is, the more engaged your students will be. In fact, research shows that on average, engagement by videos
Your name might say who you are, but when it comes to social media, your hashtag is your face. It’s what sets you apart and defines you. Just like you can choose what makes you look your best, there are also ways to choose your hashtag to make it the most appealing. Pick your Focus – Before you pick a
Rabbis and educators around the world all know about NLEResources.com. It’s recognized as a global online portal that has amassed over 1,000 resources for teaching, management, and marketing. If you’ve visited WomenInKiruv.org (WIK) within the last several months, you’ve probably noticed that things have begun to change on this site as well.
Want to use Pinterest but aren't sure you have any content to post on the popular social media site known as: Pinterest? Don't worry. You too can tap into this powerful marketing tool to build trust and engage your students while increasing your nonprofit’s visibility! Not convinced that Pinterest is powerful? Consider this: Pinterest drives more traffic to BuzzFeed than Twitter!