Want to end the school year with a bang?

Excite your students with multimedia educational materials, including high quality videos showcasing the beauty and meaning of the mitzvos. Here’s your chance to take Torah Live out for a spin and see how you can integrate multimedia into your classroom next year.

From now until Shavous, you get a month’s access to the ENTIRE Torah Live library for only $6.13!

What you’ll receive:

  • Over 50 Torah Live video and slideshow presentations
  • 20 student workbooks
  • Teacher guides
  • Online assessments and quizzes

AND, as an extra bonus, we’ll send you Rabbi Roth’s in-depth source sheet on the mitzvah of Talmud Torah, for use in the classroom or for guided study on Shavuos night.

Click here to take advantage of this flash sale! Only $6.13 for a full month of Torah Live!



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