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A number of months ago, we featured Gemara Cards. These cards offer a simple and excellent way to make chazara within reach for any busy person.

Recently, another important aid to help one learn gemara has also been released and we are certain that it is one that our readership will appreciate using and referring to their students and congregants. Created by Rabbi Yitzhak Frank and David Sachs, The Gemara Card is a tri-folded laminated Aramaic reference card containing frequently used terms and abbreviations and other relevant information, designed to lower the barrier for entry to Talmud study.

The goal of this card is to make gemara more accessible by reducing the time that people spend struggling with the language and searching through dictionaries or a Jastrow, and by extension, allowing them to focus more on the content and concepts.


This is what is included on the card:
– 720 glossary terms
– 412 abbreviations
– 52 conjugated verbs
– 107 Sages
– 27 measures
– Also includes gematria, Rashi script, and grammar tables

The Gemara Card is published by Koren and can be purchased on their website or on Amazon via the links below:



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