Rabbi Yehoshua Lewis is the founder of Mesorah NJ, an outreach network in New Jersey, reaching out, inspiring and educating university students and young professionals. Chapters have been established in Highland Park, Morristown, and Hoboken/Jersey City. 

We asked Rabbi Lewis which gemara sugiyas he enjoys to teaching to newcomers.

He has shared with us the four sugiyas linked below, including relevant cases, that mostly address dinei mamonos that also feature ethical and practical ramifications:

1) Liability and Responsibility – The Four Shomrim

Bava Metziah 80b, 81a, 93a  


2) The Snow Shoveling Entrepreneurs

Bava Metziah 101a, Bava Kamma 58a


3) Daas: When is it considered deception?

Chullin 93b, Chullin 94a, Chullin 94b


4) Honesty:  Honoring Your Word

Bava Metzia 44a – Mishnah, Bava Metzia 49a – Gemara

We encourage you to download these prepared source-sheets so that you can study them with your students and congregants.

Looking for more? Checkout more free prepared classes in our NLE Morasha Syllabus series as well as the NLE Thinking Gemara Series.



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