In the past, we have featured posts such as, 4 Websites to Download Free Stock Video Intros & Footage to Enhance Your Promotional or Recruitment Video” and “4 More Websites for Free, Non-cheesy Stock Photography.”

These posts greatly helped rabbis and educators find sites where they could download free stock photos to use in any of your flyers or social media posts. Likewise, you could find high-quality videos that go a long way to make your organization stand out on campus. 

In this post, we are featuring Stockio, a website that offers free vector graphics and more. A vector graphic is a quick and easy way to add some extra flare to an infographic that you are making or any flyer for an upcoming event, fundraiser, etc. A cleverly positioned icon, a background pattern, an infographic — small things that can make a difference in making a professional impression. The site features hundreds of high-quality vectors that you can use for free in both personal and commercial projects.

As an extra goodie, Stockio doesn’t only specialize in exclusive vectors, but also offers photography, fonts, and even videos that you are free to use to your heart’s content.

To keep track of your favorite resources, you can easily create a free account, so you have your very own toolkit of graphics and favorite items always available to you and your team of rabbis, educators and designers. This ultimately helps your brand and saves you time when it comes to future projects. 

What online tools do you use to easily market your events and fundraising efforts? Tell us in the Comment section below! 


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