What is the Worldwide Sukkathon?

The Worldwide Sukkathon is an initiative for Jewish institutions to collectively learn and complete Masechta Sukkah on Hashana Rabba night followed by a siyum. Each institution wishing to participate can pre-select their amud or daf from our Worldwide Sukkahthon website. It will unite communities as we, together, focus on the same Torah goal at the climax of the Yomim Noraim and on one of the most powerful nights of the year.

Why Hashana  Rabba Night?

Hashana Rabba night is known as the last time of sealing the year’s judgement and is traditionally a time for Tikkun and Torah Learning. What better way to spend Hashana Rabba night engrossed in Torah learning with fellow members of your shul.

What is unique about the Worldwide Sukkathon?

There is a special excitement and a sense of unity when members of a

community come together to learn Torah, when walking into a packed room brimming with a common goal of being m’sayeim a masechta. When multiple communities across the globe are doing the same, this adds an extremely powerful dimension to the learning!

Does every participant finish the entire masechta?

The shul will divide the masechta with every participant studying one amud or daf. Participants pre-select their amud or daf through a dedicated website and

all the information is sent to their specific shul.

Who is this for?

All men regardless of learning background, e.g., avreichim, college students, ba’alei batim, bochrim, boys, fathers & sons, etc., you!

Am I still able to join if I am not an independent learner?

Sometimes the lack of learning skills and the fear of not accomplishing holds us back. Some of us say to ourselves quietly, “If only we could join in.” PBM aims to enable just that by facilitating an evening whereby professionals and businessmen can learn with accomplished avreichim. A detailed publication will be provided allowing anyone to learn at least one amud or daf (page) of the Gemara and join in the siyum.

What will Sukkathon participants gain?

A tremendous sense of achievement that will stimulate us to set and accomplish greater goals in our learning and take on even bigger projects than we thought possible.

What is PBM – Professionals Beis Medrash?

‘A new dynamic in Torah Education.’ PBM was established by Rabbi Avigdor Blumenau in South Africa in 2008 and was subsequently brought to the UK by Rabbi Gabi Brett in 2012. PBM offers a unique and unprecedented range of text­based learning programs focusing on skills and techniques in mastering Gemara, Mishna, Parsha, Business Ethics, and Kashrus for both seasoned scholars and those who were not fortunate to gain these skills earlier in life.

How does PBM reach those who may not yet know how to learn?

PBM welcomes and encourages everyone to take a part in the Sukkathon with a special publication on Masechta Sukkah to enable any novice to learn as it guides them through their chosen amud or daf.

How do Shuls sign up to become a host location?

By logging onto www.worldsukkathon.com we will provide your shul with a choice of marketing material with customized details, timings and location of the learning.

How do I sign up?

By logging onto www.worldsukkathon.com and or emailing: info@worldsukkathon.com

Is there a cost?

There is no cost to the institution. We do require that participants pay a small fee of $13 to cover costs.


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