Gift of Emuna

In Makos 24a we learn that Chavakuk the Prophet summarizes the entire Torah with the gift of emuna. Hashem granted us a soul which is the essence of who we are which is always connected to Hashem. We have inspiration, intuition and a conscience that are all linked together to the inner faith we have.

Hashem listens to all of our prayers. He watches as we study His Torah and perform His mitzvos, especially when we fulfill the mitzvah to help each other.

We should have faith that Hashem is keeping us alive right now, and He surely is. It is a composite of the Six Constant Mitzvos we are obligated in every moment…

Gift of Six

Six of the greatest mitzvos should be at our fingertips always:

1- Hashem is the One Who redeemed us from Egypt and from all of the 10 plagues that knocked out the Egyptians.

2- There is no G-d besides Him.

3- He is the One and Only Creator of all, everything else are His creations!


The solution to deal with all forms of pain/misery/frustration/doubts/fears is to turn to Hashem Who is always nearby.  Ask Him, “Please Hashem, I need help in dealing with…”

The easiest and fastest way to use and apply our gift of faith is to study the fourth mitzvah (of the six) to love Hashem Who loves us with an incredible, infinite, eternal love!!!

Gift of Love

Consider, Hashem Who loves you daily is always standing right next to you. It is amazing how you will feel by thinking Hashem is right with you and you can fulfill Tehillim 100, “Serve Hashem with joy and love, come before Him with song.”


Wonderful Methods

We do have to learn to appreciate Hashem’s unique and profound ways.  We sometimes think we know what we want and hope for, but Hashem always knows better. He really knows what is truly best for us.

His plans provide us with the most wonderful solutions, but sometimes it may take us about ten years to fully appreciate some of the reasons that Hashem chose to help us in better, bigger and more beautiful ways than we could have imagined.

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