As rabbis, educators and Jewish leaders, we are constantly speaking and teaching and looking for an inspiring story or quote to help drive home our point. If you are ever looking to verify a particular quote, you should always head to the reliable Quote Investigator

This Sherlock Holmes goes to inordinate lengths, almost a magazine article worth of research, to discover, verify (or dismiss) the source of a quote. The investigations are educational, fun, trustworthy, and completely satisfying. If you have a recurring quote whose source you cannot track down, you can submit it to the site and they will research the source of the quote.

The site was created by Gregory F. Sullivan in 2010, a former Johns Hopkins University computer scientist, who manages the site under the pseudonym Garson O’Toole. In April 2017, O’Toole published the findings of many of his quote investigations in the book, Hemingway Didn’t Say That: The Truth Behind Familiar Quotations. Among others, the Wall Street Journal published awonderful review” of the book by quotation expert, Fred R. Shapiro, editor of “The Yale Book of Quotations.” 

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