Avraham, our first Father lived for 175 years.  His name means the Father of a multitude of nations, Breishis 17:5. Yitzchok, our second Father lived for 180 years.  His name means ‘he will laugh,’ with the joy of success in many ways – prosperity, overcoming obstacles, happiness in this world and the World to Come.

Yaakov, our third Father lived 147 years.  His name means ‘he will win at the end.’  All of the messages in the name of Yitzchok are included in this name. The name Yitzchok is unique in that Hashem instructed them to call their son by this name, Breishis 17:19.


Thus, the name Yitzchok is loaded with many insights, including to know how significant it is for a person to always practice joy and laughter.


Why is laughing so important that it is the name of one of our three Avos? We know that the three Avos represent:

Avrohom – Chesed,

Yitzchok – Avoda, and

Yaakov – Torah.

Why is it that Yitzchok is the one who has the name for joy?


Another question is why in Pirkei Avos 1:2 where we list the three pillars of the world we say: Torah, Avoda and Chesed. Why is Avoda used to include service of prayer (Torah study and kindness are also forms of serving Hashem)? 


One answer is that prayer is the greatest form of interaction with Hashem when we can speak directly to Hashem. Thus, we apply the verse of Tehilim 100 – “Serve Hashem with joy, come before Him with song.”


“Whoever sings to Hashem in this world will be rewarded to continue on in the World to Come,” as we say in Ashrei from Tehilim 84:5 – “Happy and fortunate are those who dwell in Your house (and sing Your praises), they shall continue to praise You forever,” Sanhedrin 91b.


“This would be the place to prepare for the eternal rewards of the World to Come,” Avos 4:16.


Why is it that Hashem spends about three parshios on Avrohom, about six on Yaakov and only part of one on Yitzchok?

One answer is that Yitzchok specialized in Avoda b’simcha which is Tefilah. Avraham did more kiruv work as Chesed. He was involved with people and more activity. Yaakov was busy bringing truth to the world. Yitzchok, however, specialized more in private prayer to Hashem. Thus his activities were more secluded.

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