This past Wednesday afternoon I was driving home when my nine year old son called me and excitedly told me, “Tatty I have amazing news! Rubashkin is out of jail!” I realized that the great miracle that Klal Yisroel has just experienced was being celebrated by the youth too. I saw it again on Friday night when I came home from shul

There were two friends who lived near each other. They developed a very close relationship, until one day one of them was forced to move away. As the moving day drew closer and the reality of departure seeped in, the deep feelings of their bond grew only stronger. On the night before the big move the two sat down for a final meal together. They reminisced the years that passed, and they promised each other to use every which way to

It was the last Leil HaSeder in the home of Reb Shloime Bobover zt”l, and he was very ill and weak. Unlike past years when the Rebbe led the Seder in the presence of thousands of Chasidim, tonight the Rebbe sat in his wheel chair attached to feeding tubes with only his immediate family around him. The family sat