The Torah presents us with apparently contradictory visions of the Jewish soldier. In considering this contradiction, we can find essential guidance for our own pursuit of greatness. On the one hand, we are taught of the spiritual vulnerability of the Jewish soldier, granting him license to be with a lovely captive and
“Rabbi, what is that on your wrist?” “It’s a Fitbit.” “Why do you wear it?” “It tracks how many steps I take each day, the quantity and quality of my sleep, and other important pieces of information.” “C’mon Rabbi, sounds like shtick to me. Do you really need that? What does it do for you? You already know you should
Source Sheets and Class Outlines TorahLab on Elul TorahLab provides a source-sheet which traces the historical and theological basis of Elul using classical texts in Hebrew with English translations. Audio Shiurim See the list of Audio Shiurim Tools The 2 minute Daily Journal For Today’s Busy Jew – Elul through Yom Kippur Introduction to Selichot: In Hebrew-English... Read more »