Melinda Gates wrote in the Washington Post on August 24, 2017: I spent my career in technology. I wasn’t prepared for its effect on my kids. I spent my career at Microsoft trying to imagine what technology could do, and still I wasn’t prepared for smartphones and social media. Like many parents with children my kids’ age, I

The Torah presents us with apparently contradictory visions of the Jewish soldier. In considering this contradiction, we can find essential guidance for our own pursuit of greatness. On the one hand, we are taught of the spiritual vulnerability of the Jewish soldier, granting him license to be with a lovely captive and
Applying the wisdom of Torah to contemporary challenges is never simple; it is however exceptionally challenging when it comes to Jewish foreign affairs. Our Sages taught us that Parshas Vayishlach contains the template for how Jews should conduct themselves with foreign entities, containing as it does the reunion of

Another week, another tragic terrorist attack. Another disastrous outcome of a conflict between radical Islam and civilization. As we mourn the losses and contemplate the continued carnage resulting from this conflict, we can consider how Torah

Relationships have been changed forever. Technology has had a profound impact on relationships between friends, family and spouses. It has allowed for ease and frequency of communication between people physically apart and has introduced people who would otherwise never have met, creating marriages, friendships and invaluable support groups and relationships.
It just never stops. How many times while writing this article will I be interrupted by a text, a call or an email? How many times will you be similarly interrupted while reading it? All hours of day and night we hear the pings and feel the vibrations, and we either respond immediately, or our tension and dread mount as we realize that