Running a short, guided discussion session is a powerful alternative to a formal class to complement

your beginner services. There are several resources for running such discussion groups. Again, the

topic does not necessarily have to be specifically on the High Holidays (though it is always best to tie

it in somehow).

Aish UK’s Q & Aish

A nicely packaged packet of cards with questions on one side and answers on the other. The answers are spelled out nicely with sources given for reference,rather than text-based study. (Note: Some of this material has been integrated with the NLE Resources Prayer Service Companions)

Rabbi Yaakov Haber and the OU’s Pardes Project Model

Each module offers questions followed by Jewish sources for discussion, with some additional ideas and sources added by NLE Resources. See their Recommended Guidelines for Moderating a Discussion Group.

Can a Person Change?


Facing Up: Asking or Granting Forgiveness


What’s with the Guilt?


The Challenge and Opportunity of Money


Pondering the Existence of God


Transforming Character


Is it All About Me?


Is Life Just a Roll of the Dice, A Play of the Cards?


Does Our Profession Reflect Our Essence?


See also: 2001: A Space Odyssey Workshop

YU’s Shabbat Table Discussions

Discussion primers that present hypothetical cases and Jewish sources for discussion about them. The full listing of Shabbat Table discussions can be found here. Not all topics will be relevant to a High Holidays service, but here are some that potentially could connect:

Happiness and Satisfaction

Compromising With Others

Time Management

Admitting Mistakes

Competition – When is it Healthy and When is it Not

Giving the Benefit of the Doubt

Patience in the Instant Age