The NLE Morasha Syllabus offers many classes relevant to the Yamim Noraim. You can teach them in Elul to prepare your students for the High Holidays, or presented as an alternative during the services themselves. There are three classes addressing Rosh Hashanah, two on Teshuvah, and one on Yom Kippur.

Rosh Hashanah I: Meeting Our “Author”

Rosh Hashanah II: The Big Bang and Me

Rosh Hashanah III: Simanim & Tashlich – Serious Excitement

Teshuvah I: Introspection and Growth or the Confession Box?

Teshuvah II: The Journey Back

Yom Kippur: Actualizing Our Mission in Life


Aside from the classes of obvious connection to the High Holidays, other classes of general Jewish interest may be offered, such as The Jewish View of Prayer,” “Defining One’s Role in Life: Achieving Greatness,” Judaism and Personal Growth I: Scaling the Internal Alps,” Judaism and Personal Growth II: Making it Happen,” “The World to Come – Part I: What in the World is the World to Come?,” “The World to Come – Part II: How Can I Secure a Front Row Ticket?,” “The Mitzvot and Why They are Detailed,” “Chesed,” “Taming the Inner Critic: Judging Favorably,” Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself,” “Happiness,” “Caring for the Jewish Soul,” and “The Power of Tzedakah and the four classes on the Jewish Vision of Spirituality:

The Jewish Vision of Spirituality I: The Quest for an Authentic Spiritual Connection

The Jewish Vision of Spirituality II: The Spiritual Expression of Mankind

The Jewish Vision of Spirituality III: Connecting to Spirituality in Time

The Jewish Vision of Spirituality IV: Spirituality in Space & Beyond