We learned the unparalleled significance of Rosh HaShanah in the first Morasha class on Rosh HaShanah – God judges us on this day for life, health, prosperity, and the opportunity for spiritual growth that we will be granted for the entire year. With such towering stakes, how should we marshal a case to ensure a successful outcome? One of the most effective ways is to focus on and integrate the three central themes expressed in the Rosh HaShanah Mussaf service. In the section called Malchiyot (Kingship), we contemplate and reaffirm God’s sovereignty over the world; in the section called Zichronot (Remembrances) we highlight God’s omniscient recollection of all our deeds; and finally in the section called Shofrot (Blowing of the Shofar) we concentrate on discerning and integrating the messages of the shofar blasts.