“In Discovering Your Infinite Self, the first shiur in this series, we introduced the idea that each person is created with a soul, which is the essence of the persona. The second class will further develop this concept. As we will learn, the better I understand the soul’s expressions and desires, the more in tune I will be to the idea of building a soul connection with my marriage partner. The most profound level of relationship is at the level of the soul. Marrying someone for motivations that do not emanate from the soul means that I will be off the mark in terms of what is truly best for me. That might easily result in a very disillusioning awakening as I mature and become more aware of my soul attributes and desires, and realize that I’ve married the wrong person!

In our first class, we followed in the intellectual footsteps of Avraham and gained an appreciation for the gift of self-knowledge that he bequeathed to us. In this class we turn to the practical ramifications of this discovery. What difference does it make that I have a spiritual dimension? How does taking this part of me into account change the way I understand my life goals and how to go about achieving them?

In the course of this class we will discover that our most basic desires for happiness and fulfillment stem from an awareness of reality at the level of our souls. Yet, when we go about life without this understanding, we inevitably end up seeking merely superficial means of satisfying these basic desires. Finding a spiritual path to their fulfillment will prove to be much more deeply satisfying.

As such, we will be addressing the following questions:

  • What is the ideal relationship between body and soul?
  • How can we tell if our trajectory in life is going toward a dead end or not?
  • How do our spiritual needs manifest themselves in our physical desires?
  • Why do we seek honor, and what is the spiritual path to satisfying this desire?
  • Why do we seek to accumulate wealth, and what spiritual reality does this desire reflect?

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