This series is comprised of four shiurim: Marriage, Love, Taharat HaMishpacha and Mikvah, and finally Dating. While the way of the world is to first date, form a relationship, and then consider marriage, in this series we have reversed the order. From a Jewish perspective, dating and love can only be approached with the ultimate end in mind, that of finding one’s soul mate and building a lifetime of love together through marriage.

As such, we start this series with an exploration of the end goal, our soul mates. We will then discuss what love actually is and how it can only be truly realized within the context of marriage. The third class addresses how the framework of Taharat HaMishpacha (the laws of Family Purity) sets up a structure for soul mates to become “one” through the intimate aspects of marriage. Only when our essential goals are clear can we then address dating Jewish style – the exciting, discerning process of searching for one’s soul mate.