The first Morasha class on the Shema discussed the importance and centrality of the Shema to Judaism, and gave an overview of its text. In this second class, we will focus on when and how to say the Shema, with particular emphasis on the importance of concentrating on the meaning of the first verse. This shiur also explores some of the deeper meaning expressed by the prayer. Finally, this class discusses the significance of the Shema in the mitzvot of mezuzah and tefillin.

The following questions will be addressed:

  • When is the Shema said?
  • How should we say the Shema?
  • What should one think about while reciting the Shema?
  • What is the meaning of the different names of God found in Shema?
  • Do the words of the Shema have any hidden messages that lend to its significance?
  • What special messages are related through the mitzvot of the mezuzah and tefillin, which contain the words of the Shema?