In the first shiur in the Am I Ready to Find My Soul Mate series, Discovering Your Infinite Self, we introduced the idea that each person is created with a soul, the essence of the persona. The second class, Gratifying Your Deepest Desires further developed this concept. We learned, the better one understands the soul’s expressions and desires, the more in tune one will be to the idea of building a soul connection with one’s marriage partner.

In this third shiur, The Search for Eternal Love, we will see that there are two types of love, one that unites two individuals, intrinsically expanding their consciousness and identity, and a counterfeit love, which may at first feel as if it is achieving these goals, but ultimately will neither expand nor unify the couple. We will also strive to understand why we all want love, the soul-root of this drive, and how it can flourish within the parameters of a Jewish marriage.

As such, we will seek to answer the following questions:

  • In our pursuit of love, are we energized, actualizing our potential, or do we find ourselves running into dead ends?
  • How can we distinguish between love and lust?
  • If we were to follow a spiritual path to love, would this expand us?
  • What deeper “soul need” drives us to get involved in relationships?
  • How does a real relationship based on love satisfy our deeper spiritual needs?
  • What are the parameters of true love?

See the Teacher’s Guide to the Am I Ready to Find My Soul Mate Series