Pesach is the story of the birth of the Jewish people and their transition from being oppressed slaves to a nation of nobles and the torchbearers of God’s Torah. The first Morasha class on Pesach focused on the reasons for the slavery in Egypt and why the Jews were freed amidst a series of miracles. In this second class on Pesach we will discuss the miraculous birth of the Jewish Nation, hashgachah pratit (Divine Providence) during the Exodus from Egypt, and how God’s involvement in the Exodus is one of the cornerstones of our belief in God. Furthermore, we will explain how the Exodus from Egypt not only granted the Jewish people physical freedom and a national identity, but also freed them spiritually, enabling them to actualize their spiritual potential through Torah study, mitzvot, and personal growth. Finally, we will discuss how the commemoration of Pesach itself enables us to relive the Exodus from Egypt.