My youngest child has begun second grade (where did the time go?), and while that may not seem like the most momentous change that is happening in my house this school year - our oldest has headed to high school, after all - in some ways this is a game-changing moment that is about to take place. Why? What earth-shattering learning happens in second grade that is more important than that which is learned in 6th or
I first fell in love with Gemara Berura a dozen years ago. I had just finished my most ambitious project-based learning assignment I had ever attempted with my 9th grade class. We designed a “How To Learn Gemara” website. In this project, my students culminated a year of a careful skills-based approach to learning Gemara by summarizing the various Sugiyot they had learned complete with keywords and color coding. They
The Jewish people have long been called “The People of the Book.” In fact, one of the identifying characteristics of Judaism is that Jews of all ages, and from all walks of life, engage in intensive and passionate Torah study, without any ulterior financial or academic motives. Such a dedication to study has probably never... Read more »
Sadly, eating disorders are something that plague the Jewish community. This page offers links to a multitude of websites, articles, videos, and more that will be of benefit to a Rabbi or Jewish Educator. Articles Body and Soul by Rebbetzin Feige Twerski. Body and Beauty in our World: A Jewish Perspective This three-part class  by... Read more »
This page offers links that are certain to help the Jewish Educator when it comes to designing or enhancing educational materials or curriculum. Websites Enables Mechanchim and Mechanchos worldwide to share quality educational ideas and materials. The Jerusalem Kollel Online Classes Includes: 100’s of PDF’s, audio, video, and source sheets from Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits.... Read more »
The issue of bullying—let alone cyber-bullying—has sadly been getting more and more attention as of late. Below, you’ll find great websites, articles, and video to aid you with this alarming issue at both the classroom and administrative level. Websites The Coalition of Jewish Teens The Official Stop Bullying Website Bullying Prevention The Ultimate Guide to... Read more »