Please read: Part 1—A Guide to Writing, Publishing & Distributing a Jewish Book. Can I Get Published? Here I’m going to give a short list of things that will help your chances, or at least give you some direction. Writing Talent — While every good publisher has a respectable team of editors, if the author’s writing... Read more »
As the CEO and chief editor of the recently launched book publishing company, Adir Press, I read with great interest Rabbi Tzvi Gluckin's recent article featured on about self-publishing. While our services at Adir Press do include self-publishing and e-book publishing, I wanted to primarily explain the benefits to regular publishing and why that may or may not be a
If you publish a book, people will regard you as an expert. That will increase your marketability. It is also a good take-away for people who come to your talks and want to share your ideas. If you think you don’t have anything worthy of a book, you’re wrong. Everyone is an expert in something, is passionate about something. Writing a book will cement your own ideas, and benefit others