Ah love – that ephemeral, slippery word. Why so? Because we think of love as a pure emotion, when it is really messy – sooner or later it gets mixed into the cholent pot of other relationships we have to have with our spouse – earning a living, and running a house, and education, and illness. In other words,... Read more »
This page offers links to great websites, articles and two wonderful videos that are certain to enhance a Jewish Marriage! Websites HappyWife.com The fabulous website of a hilarious Rabbi who specializes in relationships, Rabbi Aryeh Pamensky. Articles Will Divorce Make You Happier? The Emotional and Financial Implications of Divorce Video How to Fall in Love... Read more »
This page offers links to a multitude of websites that are valuable resources to teaching and maintaining Taharas HaMishpacha. Links of Interest Mikvah Directory Online Mikvah Calendar My Mikvah Calendar Calculating Vestos iPhone App for Taharas HaMishpacha Articles of Interest Contraception in Contemporary Orthodox Judaism An extensive article written by Rabbis Gedalia Meyer and Henoch... Read more »
This page offers links to websites that address the topic of Homosexuality. Links of Interest Declaration On The Torah Approach To Homosexuality – The Torah Declaration is a public statement signed by 223 Rabbis, Community Leaders, and Mental Health Professionals. A Torah View on Homosexuality – A wonderful insightful and scholarly article penned by HaRav Aharon Feldman, Rosh Yeshiva... Read more »