This article doesn’t give you information on how to create a marketing strategy or how to build a marketing campaign. You are not going to read the same thing here that you can read on hundreds or thousands of other articles. This article doesn’t cover things such as how to spread awareness or how to build credibility.
Since most (read all) of us in the kiruv world are busy, adding another social media platform is probably the last thing on our mind. No worries. This article will give some practical tips to easily use each aspect of Instagram and integrate it into your overall social media strategy — from creating or choosing the right hashtags to community engagement and increasing
In his letters, the Lubavitcher Rebbe advised his emissaries that the dissemination of Torah has to be approached like a business. And no serious business starts off without a business plan. Wait! Don’t browse away! I know what you are thinking. “Business plan? You mean like that 350-page