From shuls to schools, a slew of Jewish organizations use YouTube to promote learning opportunities, programs, and much more! Would you like to add some branding by adding the logo of your institution to your YouTube video(s)/channel(s)? For years, if one wanted to add a logo to their video, this meant using video editing software before uploading to... Read more »
Enjoy enchanting and informative links to hundreds of webinars, videos—and even video channels—that you can learn from or forward on to your student or congregant. Please note: links to videos can change. If they do, please google for the vide and you may find it on another site. TorahWeb Videos A slew of video shuirim... Read more »
The famed Israel journalist, Amnon Levy has written articles and a book on the Charedi world in Israel. Israel Channel 10 broadcast a three-part documentary which emphasized the diversity of the Charedi world as well as its relationship with the State of Israel. We present it below and hope that you may find it eye opening and informative. Part 1:... Read more »
Below are links to webinars and videos that can help you better manage your organization.   PART 1: DEFINING FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY FOR NONPROFITS PART 2: NONPROFIT BOARD TREASURER, LYNCHPIN OF FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY From Good to Great: 5 Ways to Take Your Jewish Organization to the Next Level By: Rabbi Steven Burg, NCSY International Director &... Read more »
This page will empower the novice to the Social Media Guru with great ‘how-to’ videos and marketing seminars that will allow you to truly transform your organization! Social Media in Plain English by Common Craft Network Synagogues & Social: How to Get Started by Margolit Hoffman Did You Know 2012 How the World is Now... Read more »
This section is filled with outstanding videos that can serve to inspire you with creativity when it comes to marketing or promoting your organization, fundraising campaign, and so on and so forth. Overnight Success by New York Times Best Selling Author, Chris Brogan Marketing Advice from a Chulent: Is Your Message or Organization Being Recognized?... Read more »
The following videos can act as inspiration or simply teach you new concepts and ideas that can help you discover your creativity and truly unlock your potential when it comes to your ability to market your organization, new initiatives, or programs. Inspiration Promotional Photography and Videos Social Media