Several months ago, we published a blogpost entitled, This Year’s Two Best Programming Brochures! Our goal was to feature great programming brochures so that your shul or community kollel could be aware of how others are marketing and whom you could bring to speak at your next event. Many people responded positively to this post and asked that we be on the lookout for more brochures.

Below we present to you links of inspiration from two different countries!

The first brochures we are highlighting are from the Jewish Learning Exchange (JLE). Based in Golders Green, an area in the Borough of Barnet in London, England, they have been inspiring Jews for many years. JLE has many famous rabbis and educators on their staff (see here) and holds gatherings for young professionals and even lead inspiring trips to Poland. Still, they need to make sure that their classes and programs are as relevant and appealing as possible.

And so, every two months, they publish a brochure that they call the “JLE Diary.” In terms of design, it’s a brochure that can easily fit in your pocket and does not come across as clunky or heavy. Best of all, each one looks amazing! Here are some examples:

1) JLE Diary May-June 2012

2) JLE Diary September-October 2012. Here’s a link to the additional pages that appeared in this JLE Diary.

3) JLE Diary November-December 2012

The next brochure we present to you hails from the Beth Jacob Congregation. Located in Beverly Hills, California and led by Rabbi Kalman Topp, Beth Jacob has many daily minyanim and a vast array of classes, programs, and events to reach and engage its multifaceted membership. Also worth noting is that the fonts, colors, and branding remain constant throughout. Here is a link to The Beth Jacob Adult Education Guide 5773.

We trust that from the graphical layout on down you will learn at least one thing from seeing how beautifully JLE and Beth Jacob have highlighted the programming they offer over the coming months.

Feel free to also browse our selection of hand-picked flyers and brochures available for free here. You can also check out more resources on this topic on by checking out this page.

Plus, check out on Twitter: @Go2Shul. Moderated by Binyamin (Ben) Ehrenkranz, this account tweets about the latest news, bright ideas, and dynamite programming from synagogues.

You are Invited! invites you to send us your great brochure. If we agree, we’ll feature it in a future blog!


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