In an earlier post, we illustrated several reasons why rabbis, educators, and nonprofit organizations should strongly consider using Google+. Another important thing to know about is that in November Google+ began rolling out the ability to reserve a custom URL.

All this time, if you had a Google+ account, a user simply had a long URL. This URL was not something easy or catchy that a student or congregant could remember. However with the recent announcement that Google is allowing custom URLs, your nonprofit organization can further its branding and use Google+ to promote its website, emails, and other media.

When it comes to your custom URL, we encourage you to act quick. It’s important to lock up your name before someone else does!

In order to reserve your custom URL, your Google+ page needs to have been active for at least 30 days, have a minimum of ten followers, have a profile photo, and be linked to your website.

Most nonprofits will only be offered their website URL as their custom URL.  However, if you want something shorter or are an organization that is known by its acronym, you can reserve a different custom URL for your Google+ page. However, you will have to wait as long as one more year for Google+ to launch this service.

Please note: once you have confirmed your custom URL, it can not be changed.

Reserving a custom URL for your Google+ page is really easy and can be done in only two steps.

Step #1

On your Google+ page click on the “Profile” button. Next, click the word “About,” and then the word “Links.”

Step #2

You will be prompted to confirm your custom URL. Please do so. Next, you’ll receive an instant notice from Google telling you that you’ve claimed your custom Google+ URL. That’s it. You are done!

We hope you have found this post helpful and encourage you to quickly reserve your unique Google+ custom URL that lets you easily point folks to your profile (no more long URLs!). Hatzlacha!


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