Getting people to help you in fundraising or come to your event can be a difficult task.

This is even truer when it comes to trying to host any sort of fundraiser around Pesach.

Let’s be honest: If people have time, it’s dedicated to cleaning and preparing for Pesach—and not giving dozens of hours to plan a large fundraiser or train for a marathon.

That’s why a Pre-Pesach Car Wash is the perfect fundraising idea for any Jewish organization around this time of year.

After all, many people (regardless of if they are affiliated with your organization or not) would gladly pay for someone to bend down and scrub away all the chometz and crumbs lurking around their cars, while also supporting a local Jewish organization.

How Can You Quickly and Successfully Run Such An Event?

One option is to have your students, congregants, and staff be part of the “Pre-Pesach Car Wash Crew,” and by extension, plan, organize, run the event, and clean the cars at your location.

Being that the event is held on your grounds, you can easily offer additional goods, sell matzah and other Kosher for Pesach items, have forms out encouraging people to sell their chometz with your organization, etc. Plus, you can also have a raffle and tasty baked goods available for purchase for all those who come out to support your organization.

A Free Car Wash

You can also run a free Pre-Pesach Car Wash as a service to the greater Jewish community. This will give your organization a great amount of buzz and generate a lot of interest from people who otherwise would not have considered cleaning their car for Pesach.

You generate funds from your free car wash by asking for donations for your cause. Often, this can raise more money than stating a specific price. The reason for this is because people will see a group of volunteers working hard and may actually donate more money than you would have charged.

If you opt to move forward with either of the above mentioned models, we encourage you to read: How to Run a Successful Car Wash Fundraiser by Lance Winslow III. It’s full of useful tips and directions that are certain to help you create a successful event!


Discount at a Local Car Wash

Another way in which you can run a fundraiser that involves cleaning cars for Pesach doesn’t expose the community to your location, staff, etc.

However, it takes many of the technical aspects off of your hands. This method is really simple.

All that you need to do is reach out to a local car wash and tell them about the upcoming holiday of Pesach. Next, arrange that anyone who mentions the name of your organization receives a 13 percent or 18 percent discount on their car wash with this amount going towards your organization.

This quickly becomes an easy win-win. Your organization receives additional funds and the car wash has new consumers and builds up good PR within the Jewish community.



Still Unsure About a  Pre-Pesach Car Wash?

Read this article about how Adina Falk, a talented young lady from East Brunswick, New Jersey, brainstormed a Pre-Pesach Car Wash Campaign to benefit ALEH’s disabled children. Adina recruited over fifteen friends and successfully raised funds to benefit ALEH.

Free Templates to Help You Advertise!

Advertise your car wash using any of these free templates that you can easily download. Also see this link that provides you with a free template that you can use as tickets when people show up at your event.

Below, are some flyers from past and present Pre-Pesach Car Wash Fundraisers.

We encourage you to try and increase awareness and turnout to your event, by getting your fundraiser some advance publicity and coverage in the local newspaper or by posting roadside signs a day or two ahead of time.

Be sure to make your own notes along the way about what worked for you and where you need improvement for next year. Hatzlacha!



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