After two years of production and beta-testing, the Torah iTextbook Project is proud to announce that our library of 20 iTextbooks is ready for release to schools. Each iTextbook covers a particular sugyah (topic) and includes a trigger film, the relevant pesukim, sections of Gemara and related halachic rulings and responsa. The particular sugyot were chosen as those that are relevant to everyday life issues.

The library includes iTextbooks on the issues of gun control (HaBah BeMachteret), taking personal responsibility (Shliach L’Davar Aveirah), taking another’s perspective (Eilu V’Eilu), Internal vs external beauty (Hiddur Mitzvah) and others. In addition to the presentation of the sugyah material, the iTextbooks include interactive review and assessment exercises. Our beta testing and related survey data have shown dramatic increases in student engagement. appreciation for Gemara study and increased levels of skill-building in reading and translating talmudic and halachic texts.


I will be presenting on the fundamentals of the iTextbooks and on the results of the project’s survey data at the 2015 North American Jewish Day School Conference on Tuesday, March 10th at 11:45 AM. In addition, the iTextbooks can be sampled during the conference’s playground sessions on Sunday and Monday, March 8-9.

The Torah iTextbook Project is made possible through a generous grant from the Mayberg Family Charitable Foundation, awarded through their Jewish Education Innovation Challenge.

For more information on how your organization or school can use these excellent and dynamic educational tools please contact me at:


Rabbi Mordechai Smolarcik is the project director for the Torah iTextbook Project.



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