There are no words which can be said. There are no words which can console. There are no words which can ease the pain. The heart is pained, the eyes are full of tears and the entire body is numb.

As we slept soundly in our beds on Friday night, a Beis HaMikdash was burning in Flatbush. A holy Mishkan where the Shechina resided was engulfed in flames.

This time, His wrath did not consume just wood and stones; this time it consumed the Holy of Holies. There is no Nechama, there is no consolation.

Seven precious, cherished and holy Jewish children were taken from us this past Friday evening.

Seven neshamos went up to His throne as they were engulfed in the flames of Shabbos.

As I attempted to sleep last night, the sacrifices invaded my mind and would not allow me to sleep. During my semi-sleepless night, the thought of the seven children kept pounding away at my mind precluding me from rest or sleep. Of course, there are lessons to be had and they should be learned.

Check your home TODAY to make sure every room has a working smoke detector. Indeed, before you do any Pesach preparations today, the first thing you must do is check the smoke detectors.

We have an obligation to be vigilant in the care of our family. Do it today as a zechus (merit) for the holy sacrifices and for a refuah sheleima for the mother and surviving sister. Do it today; however, that won’t take away the pain; it won’t lessen the agony and it will not bring back the children. Seven precious souls, seven precious children are no longer among us.

Hashem has poured out His wrath this Shabbos on our most cherished and precious treasure. We must take stock of who we are and what we can all do to improve. We must attempt to unify and grow together.

Right now though, there is only one possible emotion and that is
complete and utter sadness. It is a sadness which — like the flames which consumed the home — consumes our entire being.

We cry for our children who are gone.

We cry for a mother who must somehow go on. And we cry for ourselves that this has befallen us. There is nothing more to say except Please hug your children today. Hold them close to you and tell them how much they mean to you and how much you love them. And if you have no children, give yourself a hug and remind yourself that you too are a beloved child of Hashem.



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