As Tisha B’Av approaches, one of the topics foremost in our minds is that of sinas chinam, baseless hatred. The destruction of the Second Beis Hamikdash because of hatred between Jews is a lesson to all of us to improve our relationships bein adam lechaveiro.

Shmiras haloshon is one of the primary ways we can improve the way we treat others. Instead of teaching the halachos of loshon hara from a book, use Torah Live’s latest video to make your point. This film takes us into homes, schools and parties to show real-life examples of people just like ourselves who find themselves in situations where guarding their tongues is a challenge.

The video includes complex plot lines, entertaining cartoons and tons of actors and extras to keep audiences engaged while they learn. The storylines are excellent jumping-off points for discussions on how the characters could have reacted differently and how those actions would have created positive change.

The full course on Loshon Hara, The Lost Light, is available here.


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