We will shortly begin the Parshios of the Mishkan. This year, we have the unprecedented opportunity to bring the Mishkan to life, thanks to a stunning model build by Rabbi Hallel Newman. The model is at the scale of 1 inch for every amah, and took over a year to produce. Every component, from the Bazichin of the Shulchan to the Amudim of the Chatzer, is painstakingly designed to accurately depict everything as explained by Chazal.

Rabbi Newman is available to bring the entire model to your school (including the Chatzer!), and give an engaging presentation where your talmidim can actually hold the model Keilim, take them apart, and reassemble them.

In the words of a 5th grade Rebbe,
“I have been teaching Parshas Teruma for over 30 years. Although I made my own model, and use many illustrated seforim, I have never seen anything like R’ Hallel Newman’s model. Aside from being meticulously researched, his 3D printing process produces a clarity of the features and hardiness of the product that is unmatched. Also, the display size is large enough to get a realistic feel of the dimensions. My class and I gained a great deal from viewing it.”
Rabbi Yaakov Wealcatch
5th grade Rebbe, TA Baltimore

See pictures of the Mishkan model here and a write-up of the presentation in Baltimore Jewish Life.

To bring the Mishkan to your school, please call Rabbi Newman at 443-591-6675, or send an email to Hallel@Mishkan3D.com


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