Until recently, Torah resources for the hard of hearing have been hard to come by. But that’s all about to change.

Torah Live has partnered with Torah Captions to add closed captions to its videos. Courses such as Anger, Chanukah, Speech (The Lost Light), and Sefer Torah are now available with closed captions. (80% of the videos currently have captions. Click here for a complete list.)

Turning on closed captions is easy. With a few clicks, Torah Live becomes accessible to the hard of hearing.

Torah Live is proud to be part of a revolution in Jewish education which is inclusive and accessible to all. Closed captions are continuously being added, with the goal of captioning 100% of the videos in the near future.

If your students or colleagues can benefit from these captions, please pass on this information on accessibility.

Torah Live is a website devoted to bringing authentic Torah wisdom to today’s generation through interactive and exciting multimedia presentations. In addition to high-quality videos, Torah Live provides educational materials for students and educators, including source sheets, lesson plans and workbooks. Torah Live presentations are appropriate for schools, shuls, communities and kiruv settings.

If you’d like to learn more about Torah Live, check out our page on teaching with Torah Live or email info@torahlive.com to contact me. You can also sign up for a membership here.


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