We’ve all sent a really important email and received no response.  It always amazes me how the yetzer hara comes up with great reasons or stories to explain why this person hasn’t responded! The more important the email is, the more we actually believe the story we tell ourselves, why we received no response. None of which may reflect reality. 

This clouds our clear thinking. And often puts at a standstill the clarity to know what to do next with this donor.   

One way we can avoid this problem is to clarify: was the email we sent even opened?

A simple solution is an email tracking app. It will let you know if the person you emailed opened (and read) your email. 

Streak from Chrome is a very useful and free program that I use.

It lets you know if your email was opened, where your email was opened, on what device it was opened, as well as how many times it was opened.

Armed with this information, taking the most appropriate follow up steps with your donors and prospects (and in any email communications you make) then becomes much clearer.

I’m interested to hear solutions you use for improving your productivity in your fundraising.

B’hatzlacha Raba Raba!

P.S. As part of my fundraising mentoring program, there’s a personalized productivity track that will upgrade all aspects to your work and life productivity. Contact me at avraham@avrahamlewis.com if you’d like hear more.


Avraham Lewis guides great people, with amazing projects, to raise more funds. 


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