More likely than mining a Bitcoin, here’s one way to get a new major prospect this week. I call it POP Mining. It works like this.

With each and every major donor you already have – take this simple POP quiz.
Ask yourself…

 Who was the ‘Person’ who opened the door for this donor’s involvement? Or

 What was the ‘Opportunity’ or ‘Place’ that got you in with this donor?
Can you go back to the – Person, Opportunity or Place – to mine more major donors?

Let’s look at this one by one.

How did this person become a donor? Who introduced you?  What motivated that person to make the intro in the first place? Did they owe a favor or did they care about a certain project? 

Can you go back to the ‘Connector’ and ask them to make another introduction?

Was there a specific project or opportunity that existed that got you major support? Could you recreate this opportunity in a similar or different way that could get major support again?

For example, if this donor helped you complete a campaign with the last 25K. Or maybe the donor underwrote an event or program.

Can you go back to this donor or a smaller donor with big potential with a new or similar opportunity?

Where did you meet this major donor? Can you repeat this again to open up another opportunity?

For example, if you met the donor at a gala dinner (remember those?), simcha or event and you struck up a conversation. Or someone made the intro there. Can you go back – assuming gala dinners restart – again this year?

It would be fair to say that uncovering even one new big prospect will be extremely valuable – wouldn’t it? This week – Block off 20 minutes. Go through each one of your major donors. Take the POP quiz.
Uncover your next major donor.

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