So many people are using online platforms to #Shteig. We are all using Zoom and many people even started podcasts as platforms to learn Torah and connect with students.

At the same time, we all have background noise. It could be the dog barking from your neighbor’s backyard, kids screaming, or a construction site right outside your window — there are various sounds that can interrupt a call or meeting. 

The AI-powered tool Krisp removes background noise from your environment when calling others, and the other way around. Whether you want to have noise-free virtual meetings or plan to record a podcast – even though your office or room is located on a busy street or is a home full of loud Jewish kids – Krisp works in over 800 conferencing, voice messaging, streaming, and recording apps.

Audio processing happens locally so no voice or audio will leave your device.  We are certain that this will be a helpful tool for rabbis, educators and nonprofits in 2021 and beyond!

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