Do you consider yourself a market-maker and shaker in your niche or within your organization?

I can tell you this – we had clients early on in the pandemic who wanted to do nothing when the pandemic hit – to hold their breaths and just wait. But we saw it as an opportunity – because when everyone’s sitting still and you’re the one moving, you end up ahead when people eventually wake up again.

We urged our clients to push forward and keep marketing and keep pushing out content – and they are now on top, full to capacity, and quite a few with waiting lists and more demand than supply. It’s a real problem. But a good one to have. 🙂

Now, you may think because of the current over-demand, you can hit pause on the marketing and creating. But one thing’s for sure in any field: If you pause your marketing, there will be a pause in business months down the line. Are you going to sit and wait it out just because you have limited capacity and high demand at the moment? Are you sure that your current state is market leadership, or is it a product of the circumstances?

I know it’s hard to keep pushing while there’s so much to handle on the ground – so many fires to put out, which leaves little time to hire people who might help put them out – and a constantly changing roster of mandates to follow, and to communicate outward.

But please push through. Keep sending out your messaging. Don’t take for granted that just because things are crazy busy now, it will continue through next year. Advertising and marketing is always a step ahead. Recruiting for next year is already happening this moment. People who notice you now will be your future customers. You need to pay attention to your messaging now, and stay on top of your advertising films.

We are working on doing the same. Both our filming and editing teams’ schedules are packed – as more and more organizations and businesses discover the importance of not only having video content to put out, but high-end films that speak directly to their target audiences. We are here writing you today, because we want to follow what we know works for ourselves and for our clients. We just hired three more people for our productions to deliver on time and with quality.

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