Rabbi Yehoshua Pffefer writes, “In Parashas Vayeishev we begin to learn about the importance of dreams. Yaakov Avinu, the Torah informs us, “kept the matter” of Yosef’s prophetic dreams, anticipating their future fulfillment. Ultimately, the dreams were realized when Yaakov and his sons were brought before Yosef, the Egyptian viceroy. In Parashas Miketz, we find the dreams of Pharaoh and the dreams of his imprisoned ministers, also prophetic dreams that were fulfilled in their entirety. There are several additional dreams, scattered over Scripture, which indicate the prophetic potential of nocturnal visions.”

Rabbi Avraham Edelstein explains that the fact that Yosef is involved in six dreams and interprets them correctly is not obvious to us. Based on Daas Tevunos, the nature of hester panim is that things in this world are not what they appear to be.

What is the halachic significance of dreams? Are dreams meaningful? Can they portend one’s future? Educators looking for resources to help prepare a class or discussion on Dreams in Halacha and Jewish Thought can refer below to the linked articles, audio shiurim and books. (Please note:  Some links are only supported by Google Chrome browsers.)


Pursuing One’s Dreams by Rabbi Avraham Edelstein

Dreams Can Come True: A Halachic Appraisal of Dreams Part I by Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer

Dreams Can Come True: A Halachic Appraisal of Dreams Part II by Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer

Shiur Outline on the Meaning of Dreams in Sefer Bereishis by Rabbi Joshua Flug

Judaism and Dreams: by Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld

MP3 Lectures

VaYeishev 5775 – Yosef & The Power Of Dreams by Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky

The Relevance of Dreams in Halacha by Rabbi Shay Schachter

Dreams & Nightmares in Jewish Thought by Rabbi Mordechai Becher

What Do Your Dreams Mean? by Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff

Parashat Miketz: Ohr HaChaim – Sweet Dreams by Rabbi Fischel Schachter. See www.torahanytime.com

Dreams and their Impact on Halacha in the Period of the Rishonim by Rabbi Ephraim Kanarfogel

What’s in a Dream? A Study of the Halachik Status of Dreams? Part I by Rabbi Azarya Berzon

What’s in a Dream? A Study of the Halachik Status of Dreams? Part II by Rabbi Azarya Berzon

The Interpretation of Dreams by Rabbi Chaim Brovender


Divrei Cholomos by Rabbi Yoel Schwartz

משמעות החלומות שבני אדם חולמים, וביתרון החלומות, ועניני תיקון לחלומות רעים

Pitron Cholomos by HaChacham Shlomo Almoli

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