One of the fundamental paradoxes of quantum mechanics is that measurements taken at different points in space and time appear to affect each other, even though there is no mechanism that allows information to travel between them. A sub-atomic particle can be in more than one place at once. In reaching its destination, there are... Read more »

See how the world turns on two ideas. The first, that there is  one God determining the absolute values by which we should live; the other, the seething cauldron of pluralism and multi-culturalism – in its extreme form a flirtation with relativism. Along comes Pesach – philosophically bound by the former approach – and determines... Read more »
The Catholic Church is huge. It has 1.2 billion members. There are more than a million people employed in Catholic institutions. The attitude of the Pope to the Jews is of vital importance. One leading candidate for the papacy is anti-Semitic. Not many Jews are aware, but over the last fifty years, there have been... Read more »
February 2013 marks the fifth annual Jewish Disability Awareness Month (JDAM), a unified initiative to raise awareness and foster support for the inclusion of people with disabilities and their families in Jewish communities worldwide. We are all disabled in some sense. We were put on this earth incomplete to strive for perfection, and part of... Read more »
Ah love – that ephemeral, slippery word. Why so? Because we think of love as a pure emotion, when it is really messy – sooner or later it gets mixed into the cholent pot of other relationships we have to have with our spouse – earning a living, and running a house, and education, and illness. In other words,... Read more »
Comparable to the threat that intermarriage has on American Jewry is the dramatically declining birth rate. The majority of Jewish women aged 30 to 35, as well as the overwhelming majority of younger women, has no children. The low birth rate, which has been ongoing for the past 20 years, is insufficient to produce a succeeding generation for today's adults.