The Tefillah and Davening  page offers links to wonderful websites, audio, and much more that will empower you and inspire a student/congregant to have a greater appreciate for Tefillah.

Free NLE Book

  • Siddur – A collection of commentaries on the weekly Siddur.


Websites and Resources

    Learn, improve, and perfect yourTefillah with proper Ta’amim in traditional Sephardic minhag and nusach of Aram Soba.
  • Tefillah Chart (Shacharis)
    It’s a handy chart indicating the most important tefilos of Shacharis to the least important and was put together for women by Rabbi Menachem Nissel. The problem with most charts is that they either go with time, or with priority but not both. This chart goes with both.
  • eGabbai
    The ultimate Gabbai’s resource online.
  • Halachic Articles on Davening
  • Kakatuv
    This link offers the text of the Siddur in versions of the Orthodox Artscroll edition, Conservative Sim Shalom, and Reform Gates of Prayer editions. The pages include Hebrew text with interlinear translation and transliteration, and page numbers according to the various denomination’s Siddurim.
  • Kavvana: Directing the Heart in Jewish Prayer
    This site is full of source sheets and Tefillah based sources for you and your students.
  • Build a Prayer
    Amazingly creative tool to build a siddur with Hebrew text, transliteration, translation, and commentary (or any combination of those) in different formats.
  • Daven Spot
    Daven Spot aims to create a platform for instigating dynamic energy to school prayer. The ultimate question on this site is how do we teach people to Daven and how can we evaluate our progress.
  • Online Siddur
    Simple and intuitive access to pointed Hebrew texts of daily services and brachos before and after food in Nusach Ashkenaz, Sefarad, and Edot HaMizrach.
  • Mincha in Hebrew
    Mincha via
  • Maariv in Hebrew
    Maariv via
  • The Tefillin Foundation
  • Click above to email The Tefillin Foundation. This organization is dedicated to providing Tefillin, Mezuzos and Sifrei Torah of a high level of Kashrus to the Kiruv world at wholesale prices.
  • Lookstein Tefillah Curriculum
  • Beurei HaTefilla
    Broad selection of academic and educational materials for studying the siddur and Jewish prayer. Online copies of early siddurim and major academic works on Jewish liturgy.
  • Tefillah Pyramid
  • Prayer in Rabbinic Literature Database
    The Prayer in Rabbinic Literature Database was created to promote the study of Jewish liturgy and to enable researchers and students alike to investigate prayer-related rabbinic texts.
  • Otzrot HaTefillah (in Hebrew), by Rabbi Moshe Tzuriel

Simchas Torah

Audio Links

  • Zemiros Database
    This link provides user-edited texts of Zemiros along with many transliteration and even some with user-produced mp3 audio files.
  • Virtual Cantor
    A great resource for recitation of all of the Davening as well as weddings and funerals.
  • Learn Hebrew
    Introduction to Jewish prayer; provides beginners with access to the most important prayers and blessings, including Hebrew text, word by word with English translation and transliteration, and a variety of associated readings, recordings and commentaries.
  • Listen to Liturgy
    A wonderful site to forward to anyone trying to become more familiar with Tefillah.
  • Shir HaLev
    Great site with streaming and downloadable recordings of songs and prayers. A highlight is the section called “Other” which has a great selection of beautiful Jewish songs. Texts are also available in pdf.
  • Daven with Ari Goldwag
    Send this link to your student or congregant and they will really be able to better learn the Nusach of Tefillah.
  • Recorded Liturgy by Josh Feigelson
  • Prayer for Real People Podcast 
    Given by Sarah Lipman, this podcasts aims to provide a Jewish understanding of the power of prayer and how to make it relevant and indispensable to your daily life. Filled with clear, practical insights and down-to-earth spirituality, you and /or your students may never want to miss a day of Tefillah again!