Guidance for Class Preparation


These classes can be used in a variety of educational settings. The classes appear in both Word and graphically enhanced PDF formats to either print out the source sheets in their entirety or to copy and paste to build a class according to your specifications. There is generally enough material in each class for more than one teaching session.


The source material can be used in the following ways:

—To enable a teacher to personally educate himself on a given topic and prepare a class without distributing the sources.

—To be used as the basis for a formal lecture, class or workshop by distributing the class outline and cutting and pasting carefully selected sources for the  students.

—The ideas and sources can be used for a d’var Torah, or can be shared informally at a Shabbat table.

—Specific questions with their pertinent sources can be cut and pasted for discussion groups.

—To be used for one-on-one learning with students.

Classes Require Preparation and Personal Input


Each educator must invest the time to master the materials so that these become your classes. Moreover, integrating your own material and stories will add a personal touch, making the strongest impact on your students.

A Word of Caution


Although we have developed and presented the material in a user-friendly format to facilitate teaching each class in its entirety to the students, the syllabus may contain individual sources, sections or even entire classes that you find inappropriate for your students. This material was included to ensure that the educator has been provided with the necessary background material for each given topic. However, it is the responsibility of you, the educator, to discern which classes, sections, and individual sources are most appropriate for your students and which should not be integrated into your personalized classes and syllabus.