Looking for a Dvar Torah?

ShortVort.com is a unique website that aims to help Jews of all levels come to a greater understanding and appreciation of the Torah. With over 2,500 short vorts from hundreds of authors on all different topics, ShortVort.com has a vast range of divrei Torah that for everyone and for every occasion.

This site is one that can come in handy for you if you are busy and need a “quick vort” or if you are looking to see other people’s vorts to serve as inspiration. Best of all, ShortVort.com is even a site you can recommend to a student or congregant who is looking to speak on a certain topic or event.

Share Divrei Torah

Social media has changed the way society interacts. Consumers no longer simply go to a website. Instead, they interact with the brand through social media and expect to be able to share their opinions, comments, and more. Taking a cue out of this concept, ShortVort.com is unique in that it encourages its visitors to not simply visit and consume but to contribute and share their very own short vorts on the website! If you are looking to share your Torah thoughts to a wider audience, you may consider this site an ideal place.

Additional Features

Other features of the website include an inspiring ShortVort Parsha sheet, a powerful three-minute ‘Video Vort’ by Rabbi Yechiel Emmanuel on every Parsha, a ‘Questions in Halacha’ section (with clear explanations of laws that many people have never come across), the ability to ask questions and write comments after every vort, as well as an online ‘Ask the Rabbi’ section. In fact, there are times throughout the day that one can chat live with the rabbi behind ShortVort.com. Indeed, the person behind this site is Rabbi Moshe Kormornick, a rabbinic fellow at an affiliate program of Ner LeElef: The Jerusalem Kollel.

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