If you are looking for an easy way to engage additional people to purchase tickets to your major fundraising event (such as a Chinese Auction), you are likely to consider placing consider placing online advertisements. One option is that you could place ads using keywords on Google. That said, your event may appear on sites that do not promote Torah ideals. Another option is to place ads and banners on Jewish websites so that people outside of your city and community will read about your cause—or the prizes—and want to purchase a ticket. Still, placing ads on big Jewish websites can cost a lot of money!

Enter JewishAdSense.com.

JewishAdSense is a brand new advertising network that uses your keywords and matches your Jewish ads to websites most relevant to your cause. It already has over 160 Jewish websites in its network, including synagogues, organizations, blogs and more. All in all, this is a good website to know of, as it will ensure that your ads are appearing on strictly Jewish sites as well as to the targeted demographic that you are trying to reach.
Photo Credit: Stuck in Customs.

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