People from around the globe have been turning to for questions related to chinuch, marketing, programming, fundraising, and more! In this series of posts, we are going to share with you what different Jewish organizations are doing to bring people together to play games that they love, bask in the summer sun, and raise funds and awareness for a cause that they care dearly about. The first sport that we will focus on is golf.

While it may seem like an unconventional place to hold a fundraiser, in recent years, several Jewish organizations from Israel and North America have held such events on a golf course. In Israel, Ezer Mizion recently hosted their “4th Annual Hole-in-One Bone Marrow Donor Registry Golf Classic and Spa Day.” This full day event took place in Caesara, Israel and was a smashing success. You can catch the highlights of the event and see if there’s anything that you’d consider implementing into your golf fundraiser in this video below:


On May 20th, 2013, Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy of Beverly Hills, California, held their “4th Annual Golf and Tennis Tournament” that allowed participants to play golf—all while knowing that with each swing they are helping a great cause! Here is a direct link to the event on their website. Below, we provide you with the full brochure so that you can get a picture of what such a fundraiser would entail, and what type of funds could come in through this event.

Hilel Golf

It’s worth noting in the pictures (see for example: here, here, here, and here) from their “2nd Annual Golf and Tennis Tournament” (and it’s true at many of these sports-related fundraisers) just how much you can capitalize on corporate signs— which is yet another way that you could bring in funds at practically every hole and corner of the golf course!

If you are looking to add something to an event like this, look no further than “The 4th Annual Ryan Scott Rosman (z’l) Memorial MSU Hillel Golf Outing.” The event is scheduled for June 24th, and will now even offer a professional video swing analysis that helps you determine how you can improve your stroke. You can learn more about the event here and take a look at what their email marketing looks like below:

Register Today for the 4th Annual Ryan Scott Rosman Memorial MSU Hillel Golf Outing

Finally, we wanted to bring to your attention a golf-related event that is even family-friendly! Celebrating its 5th year, the “Yiddishe Cup Mini-Golf Tournament,” has quickly become a Spring tradition in the greater Memphis Jewish community. This family-friendly fundraiser for Hillel of Memphis, has a much more affordable “buy-in” than the other events above. Sponsorship starts at only $118, and the event is something that can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Before you run to plan a golf=related fundraiser for your shul or organization, be certain to read Golf Fundraiser Ideas, by Michael Joseph. This article gives you a run down on how you can create a successful event, and also makes you aware of how to avoid some of the pitfalls and “sand traps” that you can face in the planning stages.

We hope that you’ll be able to cull some great ideas from the video, brochures, links and more, and be on the look out for the next installment in this series!

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