As we will soon be celebrating Pesach,  you may be on the look out for ways to still draw people—especially families—to your events, Community Pesach Seder, etc. And so, we wanted to highlight a fresh new programming idea.

Recently, the Phoenix Community Kollel hired Ner LeElef graduates Rabbi Don Bachacrach and Rebbetzin Dina Bachacrach. Rabbi Bachacrach now serves as Rosh Kollel and his wife is overseeing a new monthly initiative called “Torah Learning Creativity—Connecting Young Jewish Women.”

Also known as TLC, this new program allows Jewish women to get together, shmooze with their rebbetzin(s) in an informal setting, and participate in a Jewish-themed activity.

For the month of March, TLC hosted a really creative event called “Glass Paining—Goblets and Shot Glasses to Enhance Your Pesach Seder, Envisioning Freedom.” This is a really nice way to get Jewish women to come together—regardless of their affiliation to your organization. Below, is the flyer to this fun and unique event:


Truth be told, much of the impact of this sort of program can still be achieved by one of the educators on your staff. You can also hold this event as an event for Jewish women, families, senior citizens, etc. After all, glass painting is a lot of fun and is and also a great way to revamp and enhance simple and relatively affordable items.

At your event you can even offer to create glass painted candle holders that women can then use to light their Shabbos candles! To learn how to do so yourself so that you can lead a group, click here. If you’d like to learn how to create your own marbleized glass painted glasses, see here.

Even if you aren’t an artsy person by nature, check out this glass painting link that is full of tons of great ideas that help your program.

Feel free to check out the NLE Pesach Resources page that has wonderful links to will enhance your programming, shiurim, Pesach Seder, etc.

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