Anti-Semitism II: Proposed Theories for Anti-Semitism

The first NLE Morasha shiur on anti-Semitism reviewed the history and pervasiveness of over 3,700 years of anti-Semitism and then demonstrated that in light of the severe, ongoing persecution and violence towards the Jewish people, this hatred is unique. This second Morasha shiur on anti-Semitism explores several principal proposed theories of anti-Semitism and then shows their respective shortcomings. We will see that these proposed explanations of anti-Semitism are, at worse, false, or at best, partial explanations often meant to avoid acknowledging Jewish uniqueness. The third shiur in this series, The Root Causes of Anti-Semitism & Can it be Eradicated will be published BE”H in two weeks.

Anti-Semitism I: The Striking Constancy and Uniqueness of Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism II: Proposed Theories for Anti-Semitism

The NLE Morasha shiur on Proposed Theories for Anti-Semitism addresses the following questions:

  • Do money and economic factors explain anti-Semitism?
  • Does anti-Semitism stem from the Jews’ being labeled the “Chosen People”?
  • How valid are other theories explaining anti-Semitism?
  • Is anti-Semitism related to religion or to race?
  • Is there any one theory that fully explains the historic phenomenon, anti-Semitism?

Click here to see the second shiur Anti-Semitism II: Proposed Theories for Anti-Semitism

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