There are amazing lessons to be learned from the surprising results of the US 2016 Election. President-elect Donald J. Trump defied all expectations from the very start of his campaign. They said he would never win the primaries but he did. They said he would never climb in the polls but he did. They said he would never win the election AND THEN HE DID! 

How on earth did this happen?

I believe that this win has much to do with target marketing. Trump went after the white vote by focusing on a core group that has not been spoken to in a long time. He did not try to pander to the minorities and he did not try to please everyone. On the contrary, he insulted many people along the way. However, by honing in on one specific target group, winning them over and getting them out to vote, he managed to secure himself the presidency of the United States.  

So what is the lesson for nonprofits here?

I am not telling you to insult people in order to be successful as I never believe that negativity is a proper path to success. However, as the head of a nonprofit you must realize that not everyone is going to love you. People will constantly ask you to do more or act differently. You need to choose what you stand for and believe in it.

Then it’s ok to go out and help only the people who it’s right for there is no need to try make it work for everyone. Go help your specific target group only, service them well and they will love you.

Don’t worry about the rest because apparently you can have half the country really, really hate you and still be wildly successful.


Have a great day,

Estie Rand




Estie Rand is an internationally acclaimed lecturer and business consultant specializing in helping small business owners and nonprofits bring in more money with less headache. She can be reached at for all your business and nonprofit related questions in areas of marketing, profitability, growth strategies and more.

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