There are amazing lessons to be learned from the surprising results of the US 2016 Election. President-elect Donald J. Trump defied all expectations from the very start of his campaign. They said he would never win the primaries – but he did. They said he would never climb in the polls – but he did. They said he would never win

As a nonprofit manager, there is always more to do than hours in a day. The world keeps moving faster, not slower, and even with so many time saving apps and devices, our daily to-do lists seem to be getting longer instead of shorter. Some tasks seem to have taken up permanent residence and we just... Read more »
Something that many businesses and nonprofits struggle with is determining when they should make their first hire.Let’s be honest. You had a great idea for a new Jewish nonprofit. Thankfully, people have responded positively and you are overwhelmed by the response you are getting to your programs and events. Inasmuch as your classes are a... Read more »