As every rabbi and educator knows, the essence of a meaningful religious Jewish life ideally should be based upon:

1) Gratitude or Hodaah (That’s why we start the day with Modeh Ani, Birkas Hashachar, etc.)

2) Planning and Structure (Davening three times a day, learning seder, working hours, etc.)

3) Accountability or Cheshbon HaNefesh (We should always be looking for ways to improve).

Using this formula on the heels of the incredibly successful Better You Planner that featured during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we are pleased to share with you the Better Year Planner, an amazing weekly planner (for the whole year – 52 weeks of planning) that is being released in time for the upcoming year of 2017.

This useful weekly planner was designed by’s very own Igal Guinerman, incorporating the above mentioned Jewish concepts: GRATITUDE / PLANNING / ACCOUNTABILITY. Accordingly, The Better Year Planner features a carefully designed ‘Weekly Structure’ that includes: Gratitude Zone, Weekly Schedule, Weekly Goal, To-Do list, Habit Tracker, Weekly Challenge and Accounting Zone. 


The Better Year Planner is equally suited for Jews with or without a Jewish background. Newcomers to Judaism will enjoy the Planner’s simple, thoughtful approach to scheduling since it’s completely nonjudgmental, yet rooted in authentic Torah Judaism ideas. 

We encourage you to consider sharing The Better Year Planner with your congregants and students who may very well be looking for something just like this to jump-start their year, as well as allow them to slowly incorporate these basic Jewish ideas into their everyday lives: Hakaras HaTov (always being grateful), having a structured life and Cheshbon HaNefesh (constantly trying to improve). 

Click here to get a free PDF sample of the Better Year Planner.

Visit the Better Year Planner Site to learn more.




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